Is Compulsory Rehabilitation The Way To Defeat Drug Crime?

Millions of words have been written and thousands of hours of discussion have taken place in relation to drug crime, drug use, drug addiction such as ice addiction and the solutions to them. Within those, there will subjects raised such as drug rehab, decriminalisation, legalisation, drug therapies and countless others which all seem a way of reducing dependency on drugs and the crimes which are committed both in regard to selling drugs and as a result of someone taking drugs.

As you will no doubt be aware, as yet no one solution has been put into action in any part of the world which has successfully eradicated the use and the supply of illegal drugs. That includes both those countries where the penalty for breaking drug laws is extreme, and also those where the attitude to drugs is one where decriminalisation is the norm. It seems neither the hard-line approach nor the softer approach is entirely effective.

When looking at some of the specific solutions that have been tried, one has received considerable attention, and for which there are multiple studies relating to it, is forced rehabilitation. This is a bit of a hybrid approach which combines giving an individual the opportunity to go into drug rehabilitation, but instead of them doing it voluntarily, they are forced to do so, with the alternative being them sent to prison.